film composer & screenwriter


"As a classical composer I am trained to use the medium of the classical orchestra when writing for films. However, I often mix this with electronic music whilst also playing with various styles from jazz to opera, oriental to american bandstand. Film composers often speak of the challenge faced when first receiving a new film - how daunting it is knowing that the canvas in front of you is waiting to be painted with your colours. However, I have learnt that if you listen carefully, the music is already there, speaking through the characters, the action, the emotions, the colours and the silence. Our job as film composers, I believe, is to translate this into something audible to everyone who watches it, something that both communicates and compliments the film's message. This doesn't make it a less daunting task."

"My hope, as you listen to the music on this site, is that you do indeed feel the films communicating through it - its action, emotion, colours, characters and more."


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